The Western States Trail Run is truly an international race with runners from around the world who gather at Squaw Valley to test their meddle and resolve. Unfortunate that the 2020 run, the 45th edition of the race, was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.        

     The novel, "100 Miles to Destiny," a unique work of literature, describes many topics and events associated with the 23rd Olympiad, hosted by the City of Angels. Many of the characters depicted in the story are based on individuals the author met during his global travels during the 1980's. The reader experiences the Western States Trail through the eyes of an international cadre of competitors and embarks on a journey that encompasses many nationalities; Their history, culture, language and ideology. Politics, religion, relationships and of course running are topics fully explored and presented in this unprecedented work of historical fiction.

     One hundred sixty-two athletes representing the nations of the world have assembled at the base of Squaw Valley to compete in an inaugural Olympic event: A foot race of 100 miles over the mountainous terrain of the Western Sierra Nevada. The runners, who represent the different nationalities competing in the race, will take the reader on an unforgettable journey. Much more than simply a book on sport, the story encompasses the personal and professional lives of the amateur athlete.The Western States Trail is the site of their journey where each athlete will take you on his personal quest for glory and ultimately, his quest for Olympic gold.
      If interested in purchasing a copy of the novel, please contact the author at or call (650) 898 - 8321. The cost of the book is $12 per copy, plus $6 shipping and handling or two copies for $20, includes shipping. When purchasing multiple copies a combined discount is available.  
100 Miles to Destiny
                 a Novel on Running
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A unique perspective on distance running through the eyes of an international cast of characters . . . "Only a true runner could have written this novel. The fast-paced story is ultimately a celebration of passion. Along the way the characters bare their souls and remind the reader that the human animal is capable of amazing things."
Capt. Nathan Woodside, USMC, Habbaniyah, Iraq
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